Why Use a Recruiter? Let’s Count the Reasons!


Why Use a Recruiter Lets Count the Reasons

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Why Choose to Use a Recruiter?

You probably wouldn’t dream of extracting your own tooth, would you?

What about selling your house, playing the stock market or remodeling your bathroom? Are those activities you would more likely attempt to handle yourself rather than hire a specialist?

There are some professional activities people tend to try to accomplish on their own — most likely to save money — rather than rely on trained experts for assistance.

When it comes to finding jobs or filling positions, it can be tempting to go the DIY route rather than trusting the process and outcome to a pro. But is that the best approach? Here’s a look at what recruiters bring to the table and how they can help you achieve success, whether you are an individual looking for that perfect job or a business searching for qualified candidates.

Experience and Expertise

There’s a reason professional recruiting services exist. These experts can offer you the experience and expertise you lack. You’ve probably heard the term “inside baseball,” meaning someone has specific and proprietary knowledge about a particular subject. Because recruiters possess “inside baseball” knowledge about employee placement, they are able to bring candidates and employers together effectively and efficiently for mutually acceptable and successful outcomes.

Industry Knowledge

Those who have made a career of recruiting have been around the block a time or two and have gained valuable industry knowledge. They know where the jobs are and what employers are looking for. They also are up to speed on current industry trends, job markets, compensation scales and general human resource issues. The bottom line: they are the subject matter experts for employment, just as you are for your chosen career.


Professional recruiters are in a position to perform the legwork it takes to ensure job seekers get placed and employers hire the best workers available. They can provide the time and energy necessary to achieve a positive outcome for all involved parties — two things you may be unable to offer to the effort.

Unbiased Perspectives

Using a recruiter to help you find a job or to assist you in hiring provides an unbiased, level playing field for all players. A trained recruiting professional acts as an independent third party and has the ability to keep emotions, personal and professional “baggage” and preconceived notions and ideas out of the process.

Personal Support

Other than you, there’s probably no one more interested in making the right placement than your recruiter. Their passion and drive to find the right fit means you will always have a personal coach and mentor in your corner, working diligently on your behalf.

If you still think going it alone is the best approach, consider this brief recap of the benefits a recruiter can offer:

  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness
  • Optimal returns
  • Mutually satisfying outcomes
  • Less stress and waste
  • Outstanding customer service

And, finally, career-long relationships that will help you and your career grow, advance and excel. Contact our team today to learn more!

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