The Great Resignation


The Great Resignation

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What is the Great Resignation?

It can’t be ignored, but it can be approached in a more positive way. I recently heard it called The Great Reinvention. A decidedly more optimistic viewpoint.

There’s nothing to be gained by being uncertain and nervous about what’s ahead for employee retention and engagement. Wiser to accept the mindset shift about work and proactively do what it takes to attract and retain the right talent for your organization.

Five Ways to Be on the Right Side of this Mass Resignation

  1. Invest in employees – Much time can be spent figuring out how to keep employees in line. Take some of that time and have conversations to listen to their point of view. Different generations have always valued different things. The more an employee feels dismissed and unheard, the stronger they’ll cling to their views, and you end up as adversaries. Having a conversation doesn’t necessarily mean wholesale changes. It means you care enough about individuals to listen to their opinions, needs and goals for the future.
  1. Have a desirable culture – Create the culture that will attract and retain the best people for your business. My casual definition for culture is “the way we do things around here.” Every organization has a culture. If it’s not created proactively, there will still be a culture, but perhaps not one you want. People talk. If your company has a great culture, word will spread, and good people will line up to work there.
  1. Align with your core values – The core values of the company are the foundation of the culture of the organization. Be clear about your core values and share them with your team and your clients. Core values should be at the root of every decision you make, including whom you hire. While employees may not have the same core values personally, they must commit to aligning with the company’s core values. It assures that everyone is pulling in the right direction and you’re doing work that matters with people who matter to you.
  1. Hire carefully – Be careful about hiring someone just because you like them. You may like them because they’re very much like you. Which isn’t a bad thing but being like you may not make them ideal for the job they’re being hired to do. Gut feel is important but it’s one factor. Not the only factor. Working with a recruiter helps eliminate unhelpful biases and bringing on the ideal candidates from a small pool of good options instead of wading through a giant stack of random resumes generated by an ad.
  1. Make expectations clear – Be very clear about what doing a job well looks like. If there’s no, or an incomplete job description, how will you know if the job is being done adequately? Without one, what would you point to when asking them to improve their work? How will you know if they are crushing it and have real potential? The job description is the basis for job clarity and optimal performance. Your recruiter can help you craft one as part of the hiring process. What better time to be clear about what the job entails than when you’re hiring for it?

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