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Tim Davis Powers Insurance Agency

Tim Davis, Manager, Powers Insurance Agency

Finding the perfect fit for my company has always been a challenge, especially when it comes to navigating the interview process. But Lisa has been a game-changer. With her help, I’ve saved countless hours of scouring and networking, and we’ve been able to quickly identify top talent with the experience I need. It’s freed me up to focus on what I do best – growing the company and improving our processes. Lisa has been an invaluable partner in our success.

Mark Stegeman POE

Mark Stegeman, Managing Principal

Lisa has truly become an invaluable part of our team. She has taken the time to understand our company culture and has consistently provided us with exceptional candidates. I can confidently say that the quality of our hires has significantly improved since partnering with her. Her ability to find top talent has not only saved us time and money but has also helped us retain our best employees. Working with Lisa has been a game-changer for our business and I would highly recommend her services to any company looking to take their team to the next level.

Candy Curtis - Headshot of a woman wearing professional clothing.

Schmersahl Treloar, Candy Curtis

Lisa has always come through with the right candidate with the correct experience the first time! She puts in the extra effort to make sure things run smoothly and checks back frequently with her customers to ensure satisfaction.

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Contemporary Spiritual Arts, Inc., Roy Fisher, Senior Minister

Ms. Oxenhandler worked for me as our V.P. Sales when I was one of the owners of Career Advancement Corporation and C.A.C. Temporary Services. She successfully directed our entire sales organization for over a decade. She is a phenomenal marketer and net-worker and has an uncanny ability to match candidates with employers needs. I offer you my highest possible recommendation if you are looking for someone to assist you with your HR requirements. Rev. Roy D. Fisher, Ordained Minister and Former Owner of Career Advancement Corp. and C.A.C. Temporary Services

Michelle Fleshner - Image of a woman in business attire.

Brandon Eye Associates, Michelle Fleshner, Practice Administrator

I have used Lisa multiple times for my recruiting needs. I am an ophthalmic professional and finding personnel with ophthalmic experience is difficult at best. Lisa always provided great results in a timely manner and communicated with me each step of the process. I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough.

Adah Dooley - Portrait of a woman in business attire.

Agilis Systems, Adah Dooley, Human Resources Coordinator

I was employed with Lisa for a short time at Career Advancement Corporation. In that short time, it didn’t take long to discover how much Lisa dedicates herself to her clients and their needs. Her networking skills and industry knowledge enable her to think outside of the box, providing her clients with the best candidates. Lisa’s work ethic and enthusiasm truly set her apart from other professionals in the staffing industry.

Cindy Dolniak - Image of a woman in a professional outfit.

Beacon Point Consulting LLC, Cindy Dolniak, Compliance Consultant

We’re a small firm so the time and energy needed to find the perfect candidate can take several weeks or months. And at times it can be put on hold all together while you perform your daily tasks. So when I had the opportunity to work with Lisa, she took the time to find out not only about the position, but the culture of the firm and our long term goals. It’s not just what’s on the resume, but the person as a whole. Does the candidates goals match up to our goals? Education and experience are necessary parts of the puzzle so when she takes the time to fit the candidate to our culture, it’s a match that can last for years and add value to the firm. Lisa is there every step of the way providing two-way communications so you’re on top of the process from start to an excellent finish.

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U.S. Tape & Label, Bob Rubin, Controller CFO

Lisa is a real professional. Worked with her via her position of hiring people through her employment agency. Have known Lisa for many years and would recommend her for most anything she wants to undertake.


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Career Coaching, Lynda

What comes to mind when I hear recruiter, is someone who helps you find a new job at a different company. As a career coach Lisa Oxenhandler offers much more than that especially with her 26 plus years of experience and all her resources. She also helps people succeed in different capacities within their current company which can be really valuable. If you want to climb the corporate ladder, switch departments, enhance your committee work or just be the shining star, she can help polish you and your resume to achieve these goals. Trying to figure out what your dream job is (and how to get it), need to update your technology and networking skills or just gather industry information? You will have access to any and all resources she has, including Andrea Hoerner, another great asset. Learning how much a career coach can do, no matter what your aspirations, needs or situation are, has been thrilling and enlightening to me. They can really help you make an impact at your future or current company and to accomplish your dreams.

With my absolute utmost respect and admiration, I highly recommend Lisa Oxenhandler and her staff. I encourage you, your family and friends, to reach out to them.

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Karen H., Accounting/HR

Lisa is a great person. She always puts her clients/customers first. Always listens to what their needs/wants are. She is reliable, trust worthy and professional. Very creative person and very well rounded person to work with. I can always count on Lisa when I need her services. She has recently placed me with a permanent job, She did very well matching me up with a great company!

Angela Boyd - Image of a woman in professional attire.

Longtime Partner, Angela Boyd, Lead Consultant

Lisa has been a great friend, employer and mentor to me over the course of my career in St Louis, MO. She has the ability to help anyone better understand what career options are available, make connections and steer you on the path to success. Lisa’s knowledge of the employment industry, recruiting, salary negotiations, and labor in general are top notch. Lisa is personable, honest, hard-working and innovative in her fields of expertise. Working with Lisa was great, as she will set you up for success and push you to produce your greatest work. Working for Lisa (she advanced to company President) was an awesome learning experience, because her knowledge and professionalism provide aspiration. And keeping in touch over the years has been beneficial because Lisa has a positive attitude about work and life. You are truly fortunate if you have the chance to work with Lisa.

Carla O'Brien - Headshot of a woman wearing professional clothing.

MO-ARK District of Kiwanis International, Carla OBrien, Board Trustee

Lisa does an excellant job for candidates and clients alike. I have known Lisa professsionally for 30 years. She is consistantly professional, knowledgeable, and innovative. She works with Candidates to increase their skill level and polish their skills to make them more valuable to clients. I would highly recommend Lisa whether you are a candidate seeking employment or an Employer seeking “the right” employee.

Cher Lowther - Portrait of a woman in business attire.

Cher Lowther, Perspectives LLC

Lisa sets the standard for professionalism and dedication while never discounting the human component. I have and will continue to recommend her to friends and acquaintances who are seeking assistance in their job search. She is a true asset on both sides of the hiring desk.