recruiting services for insurance agencies

Recruiting Services for Insurance Agencies

Transform Your Insurance Agency into a Thriving Business with Our Proven Recruiting Services, Delivering Top Talent for Your Ongoing Success.

Are you tired of spending countless hours sifting through resumes and interviewing unqualified candidates for your insurance agency? Let us help you transform your agency with our proven recruiting services. We specialize in finding top talent in the insurance industry and matching them with the perfect position at your agency.

We understand the unique challenges that executives and hiring managers in the insurance field face when it comes to recruiting. That’s why we’ve developed our 3-Step TeamUP™ Process which is a tailored approach designed to meet your specific needs quickly and efficiently.

Don't Let Your Top Talent Walk Out The Door.

Get the action-oriented toolkit now to start retaining your star players and growing your bottom line!

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have a deep understanding of the skills and qualifications required for success in insurance. We also understand the importance of cultural fit and ensuring that candidates not only meet the requirements of the job, but also align with your agency’s values and mission.

Partnering with us means you’ll have access to a network of top talent in the insurance industry, as well as flexible payment options and a guarantee that we won’t poach your newly hired employees. Our goal is to help you build a dream team that will drive your agency’s success and growth.

Recruiting Services for Insurance Agencies Employers Candidates, Building a Strong Personal Brand for Insurance Careers
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Recruiting Services for Insurance Agencies Employers

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3-Step TeamUP™ Recruiting Process

Attracts Top Talent & Delivers Reliable Results

Here's How We Deliver


We Design a Personalized Plan

We start with a 30-minute Complimentary Discovery Call. If we find we're a good fit, we'll continue the process, and you'll receive your plan and your proposal.


Initiate Our Proprietary Search & Find Method

From interviews to background checks to reference calls, everything we do is 100% hands-on. As your partner, we respect your time. We present vetted candidates for your approval.


Deliver Your Dedicated 5-Star Team Member

When it's onboarding day, you can count on us to help every step of the way. We'll also be checking in periodically to make sure your expectations are being met, and if you need further assistance.

About Insurance Agency Hiring Partner Lisa Oxenhandler St Louis Recruiter

Your Insurance Agency Hiring Partner

Lisa Oxenhandler

When it comes to recruiting top talent, Lisa Oxenhandler has been a trusted name since 1991. Her sixth sense matchmaking expertise and genuine integrity have helped countless companies find the right candidates for their needs while providing job seekers with exceptional opportunities. Lisa’s methodology focuses on understanding the culture of each party involved, ensuring a long-term, successful match. With her thorough knowledge of the industry, she is a valuable strategic hiring partner.


What Our Clients Say

Labeled “Lifesaver” by her clients, Lisa takes pride in providing efficient and attentive customer service, detailed communication as well as high-quality talent.

Finding the perfect fit for my company has always been a challenge, especially when it comes to navigating the interview process. But Lisa has been a game-changer. With her help, I’ve saved countless hours of scouring and networking, and we’ve been able to quickly identify top talent with the experience I need. It’s freed me up to focus on what I do best – growing the company and improving our processes. Lisa has been an invaluable partner in our success.

Powers Insurance Agency - Tim Davis, Manager

Tim Davis Powers Insurance Agency

Transform your insurance agency from failing to flourishing with our proven recruiting Services.

Say goodbye to the headache of sorting through resumes and waiting on no-show candidates. 

Let us find and help you retain top talent for your business so you can focus on growth and success. 

Complimentary. No Obligation. Priceless.

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