3-Step TeamUP™ Recruiting Process​​

Our Recruiting Process Delivers Personalized, Long-Term Results

As the insurance industry becomes more competitive, building a top-performing team is crucial to achieving success. However, with so many job seekers in the market, identifying the ideal candidates can be a daunting and time-consuming task. This is where Lisa Oxenhandler at Recruiting For Growth comes in. With her specialized expertise and unique approach to recruitment, she can help you build a productive and talented team with ease.

The 3-Step TeamUP™ Process involves closely collaborating with you to understand your specific needs and preferences. We then source and screen only the most highly qualified individuals, and present you with a shortlist of exceptional candidates who meet your unique requirements.

By partnering with Recruiting For Growth, you can be confident that the individuals presented to you are the best of the best. With her assistance, you can build a successful team and achieve your goals with ease, giving you a competitive edge in the insurance marketplace.

Don’t let the process of recruitment overwhelm you, let Recruiting For Growth take care of it and deliver the talent you need to succeed.

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Our 3-Step TeamUP™ Process

Here's How We Deliver

Our 3-Step TeamUP™ Process is designed to attract the best candidates and deliver your dedicated A-List Team Member with ease.

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We Design a Personalized Plan For Your Agency

We start by getting to know you and your company in a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Call. In a second meeting, we take a deep dive into all facets of your company and culture, as well as your job needs and opportunities. From there, we design a personalized plan that outlines our proposal and any necessary adjustments. Once we have your agreement, we move forward with paperwork and payment.


Initiate Our Proprietary Search & Find Method​

Unlike others who rely on machines and algorithms, we take an “All In” approach to our search for top talent. We start with a tailored search based on your personalized plan, then personally meet with all candidates, run background checks, and call references. We report our findings and offer recommendations, and once you approve a candidate, we’re available to help with interviewing and wage negotiation.

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team up recruiting process recruiting for growth st louis deliver your dedicated 5 star team member


Deliver Your Dedicated 5-Star Team Member

Once we’ve found the perfect candidate, our partnership is just beginning. We oversee the onboarding process to ensure a smooth transition and ongoing retention success. We’re available to help with scheduling, program development, and mentorship, and we provide regular and helpful follow-up calls and emails. As your trusted partner, we’re committed to your ongoing success and will continue to be proactive in maximizing progress for both you and your organization.

Don't Let Your Top Talent Walk Out The Door.

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What Clients Are Saying

Theresa Phelps Rosenblum Goldenhersh

Lisa has a passion for people and in the recruiting realm, that's a good thing. She's looking not just to make a good fit for the client, the employer, but she wants to make sure that the person she's placing is also happy. She truly is looking for fitting that puzzle piece in, in the right place on the puzzle. And having that passion for people, I think really makes her effective at her job.

Theresa Phelps

Christine A Dunk Altman Charter Company

When you think about your time, — we all have a limited amount of time that you know — and using Lisa’s services can be a time saver. It takes a tremendous amount of time, not just to find someone, but to train them, and when they don't work out, then you start back at ground zero. After I did that for a couple of cycles, I just felt like I can't keep going through this. That's when I knew that Lisa would be able to find the right type of candidate and vet them and get a better sense of who they really are and whether they'll be a good fit for our company.

Christine A Dunk

Tim Davis Powers Insurance Agency

I've really enjoyed using Lisa and really appreciated all the feedback that she's given. She's been helpful, not with just hiring the positions I've needed, but also giving feedback and advice on the interview process, and if we're looking for the right position. She is more than just a hiring consultant; she can help give you some hiring advice too.

Tim Davis


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