No Need to be a Creative to Build an Ideal Work Culture


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As with the ancient paper art of Origami, where you can craft a simple, yet complex masterpiece in fewer than 10 folds, creating a model work culture can be as straightforward as 1, 2, 3.  

For your work culture, think of these 5 guidelines as simple, yet complex folds toward creating a thoughtful and supportive culture.

  • Fold #1 — Advocate transparency – according to Gareth Jones, co-author of Why Should Anyone Be Led by You?  workplace transparency, or making information and decisions available across the organization, is fundamental to keeping employees engaged and happy.  Employ and stick to an open-door policy, at all times, to all levels.
  • Fold #2 — Promote collaboration among team members – the days of hiring, and rewarding, a team of individual high performers is gone.  Create a space and time for staff to contribute — doing so raises productivity as much as 35%.  Encourage employees to be innovative and get them engaged.
  • Fold #3 — Prioritize employee engagement – when your workforce is enthusiastic and engaged, your business is set to thrive.  Employees are more committed to being part of your success (and translate into more people like them wanting to work for you).  Provide continuous constructive feedback, especially for a job well done, not just for the “needs improvement” discussion.  Implement training and development programs.  Craft ways to recognize everyday tasks so they stand out as significant.
  • Fold #4 — Stress the benefits of diversity – a diverse team benefits by learning different perspectives, ideas, and experiences.  The more diverse the minds that come together, the more ideas that will emerge.  While diversity includes age, ethnic and religious backgrounds, do your best to emphasize equality through categorized levels.  Mutual respect throughout the organization improves bonding and enhances employee morale.
  • Fold #5 — Allow autonomy – Many proved during the pandemic that they are even more productive without the confines of a 9 to 5 day (and aren’t micromanaged).  People are discovering a feeling of work-life balance — and they don’t want to give it up.  Utilize technology when a team member wants to be a part of a strategy session but can’t be on-site. When challenges arise, ask employees to propose their own solution.

By implementing these 5 folds into the culture of your organization, your business is set to become a top place to work. Increased revenue is due to follow, with your dedicated and focused team in place. And the bonus fold in your Origami Workplace Masterpiece? Your employees will naturally recruit more great team members and your business continues to be a work of art!

When recruiting for clients for more than 25 years, I have always found companies that have applied these simple practices are those where their employees are far less apt to entertain the idea of a job change.  And you may be surprised to find they are not all worldwide, Fortune 100 or 500 companies.  No matter the size, employees recognize the company’s culture can be more important to their happiness, than their job description.  These are also the companies that have individuals contacting them with the hope of employment.

Want to learn about real life Origami-like workplaces and how to create one for yourself?  Let’s talk.  My Calendar

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