Leading Through Uncertainty


jeff koziatek

Table of Contents

What you will learn:

“I feel… frustrated, burnt out, overwhelmed, disgruntled, distracted, unsure, and nervous.”

It is difficult to provide clear leadership, work as a team, gather self-motivation, or empower others when we are rocked with these emotions. YET – the work must get done, goals must be achieved, and deadlines must be met. To lead confidently and build a cohesive, sustainable culture we need:

  • A compass for clarity through uncertainty
  • A mindset for resilience in adversity
  • A team for accountability, support, and encouragement toward success.

In this engaging, fun, and thought provoking presentation, Jeff Koziatek will help you reach a higher level of understanding about yourself, and your team. Come renew your passion, get inspired, equipped and encouraged!


  • Fun, Laughter, Encouragement
  • The foundation cornerstone
  • 3 pillars necessary for clarity in uncertainty

Our Expert

For more than 20 years, Jeff Koziatek worked in the entertainment industry. He produced award-winning films and national touring shows, owned a complete event management company, acted in film and television, and performed more than 4000 shows across the country.

Today, Jeff is CEO at Core Authenticity. He helps people live bold, core authentic lives, so they can experience more personal freedom and professional success. Services include keynotes, training, and coaching. He is a national speaker, bestselling author, a certified life coach with The Values Conversation, and leadership coach with the John Maxwell TEAM.

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