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Simon Sinek is known for the movement he started in order for people to become inspired at work, which, subsequently, would inspire those around them. The books, “Find Your Why” and “Know Your Why” are a part of that. If you are not a familiar, you might want to check out his TED Talk at http://bit.ly/2GjQfqU.

Not all that long ago, someone I know became certified in finding people’s why. Of course, I wanted to learn my why. After a short assessment and a conversation, my friend told me my why was to help people.

Come on! Yes, she was right, but who doesn’t want to help people?!? Have you ever met someone that says to you, “I sure hope I can take advantage of someone today”? Yes, there are people who just aren’t all that nice, but the majority of people want to do what is best for everyone.

Recently, I listened to both of Simon Sinek’s books which made me give more thought as to why I have introduced top talent for the appropriate role to companies who are profitable because they are employee-conscious, for as long as I have. Why do I appreciate the importance of being committed to presenting only top talent who recognize their career flourishes as they contribute to their employer’s success by consistently exceeding expectations?

It is because I have been those that I help.

My why is because I know, directly, what it is like to have a job where miserable is the norm; not only the dread of going to work on Monday, but each and every day.

I recognize what it is to have a job that is not a challenge and to work in a culture that goes against every grain of one’s being.

I have been the person that hires so many wrong-fits that other employees have counted how many have come and gone.

I have been scared to death because the company where I worked for two decades closed – to have no idea how to pay the mortgage or make a car payment.

My why is the importance of being confident that the experience others have in their job is as ideal as possible.

What is yours?

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