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What comes to mind when I hear recruiter, is someone who helps you find a new job at a different company. As a career coach Lisa Oxenhandler offers much more than that especially with her 26 plus years of experience and all her resources. She also helps people succeed in different capacities within their current company which can be really valuable. If you want to climb the corporate ladder, switch departments, enhance your committee work or just be the shining star, she can help polish you and your resume to achieve these goals. Trying to figure out what your dream job is (and how to get it), need to update your technology and networking skills or just gather industry information? You will have access to any and all resources she has, including Andrea Hoerner, another great asset. Learning how much a career coach can do, no matter what your aspirations, needs or situation are, has been thrilling and enlightening to me. They can really help you make an impact at your future or current company and to accomplish your dreams.

With my absolute utmost respect and admiration, I highly recommend Lisa Oxenhandler and her staff. I encourage you, your family and friends, to reach out to them.